It began at a factory in town, where golfers who have enjoyed playing golf for a very long time gathered. As destiny would have it, they met a master fisherman a few years later and it was during one of their many engaging discussions about golf, that the idea to make a golf club shaft was born. The creation of this drew on their knowledge of fishing poles and this was the start of realizing the dream of manufacturing a golf club shaft that could hit a golf ball a long distance. That's Sanki!

The Sanki golf club shaft found its origin in the fishing pole and Sanki brings out the best in this shaft; flexibility with the toughness to hit the "big one". And like a fishing rod, with a reel, guide, sinker and line attached it does not effect one's balance, hitting the ball far towards the target. It may look heavy, but is light to the touch, feeling flexible at the same time stable, returning to its original position like bamboo. Superbly balanced tension and spring maximizes the shaft's responsiveness using advanced carbon fiber and cutting edge technology. Light weight and finely balanced, it increases not just the length of your shot but your chance of being in the fairway. Long distance shots have always been sought in a golf driver and Sanki's pursuit of this using unique materials has produced an awesome golf shaft that stabilizes the direction of flight. It won't tire you out, making you look graceful on the links. This shaft brings out your best swing giving you the distance you want from the first time you use it, continually helping you improve your score.
Why is that? The shaft evolves by adapting to you and because the shaft leads to a better swing, your swing improves. That's the value golfer's dream of. The Sanki golf shaft lets anyone reach places they could not before, changing with your swing and helping your swing change with the golf shaft.

Not mass produced, our shaft is handmade from unique high quality materials by very experienced Japanese craftsmen. Sanki aspires to manufacture the best product without paying professionals to endorse it. Rather than pouring money into advertising, we channel our effort into avoiding impurities, using only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship.

We don't use printed film on the outside of the shaft. Each shaft is individually made with only Japanese craftsmanship and you can express your individuality in numerous colors. It is like getting a custom ordered golf club. Connect your confidence with your golf club using the attractive to look at Sanki Shaft that gets noticed!